9/11/2001 the Media and Congress !

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By the End of the Day 9/11/2001, We Knew:

CNN: Reported Live On TV That NO 757 Hit The Pentagon!

PA coroner: NO Flt 93 Reported at the alleged Flt 93 crash site In Shanksville, PA

NYC TV Commentators Reporting the Explosions Bringing Down WTC Towers 1 and 2: "Looks like buildings being DEMOLISHED";

And They Were Right!

At 5:00 PM, NYC time,

The BBC announced that WTC 7 Had 'Collapsed'.

It actually 'collapsed', at 5:20 PM NYC Time.

The script of the 9/11 perpetrators was off.

What Were We Being Told by the Mainstream Media and By Bush and Cheney?

We were being told by Donald Rumsfeld that a 757 had crashed into the Pentagon.

The News continued stories about a Flt 93 crash in PA

The NYC TV commentators were talking about the 'Collapse' of WTC Tower 1 and 2

There were NO news reports about the BBC 'errors'.

There were also NO reports about spectators who saw the second plane hit, And stated that is was NOT a commercial airliner.

Now, Ten Years later:

Clearly, the story we have been told was and Is a Bush and Cheney 9/11 Media Fairy Tale!

The U.S. Corporate Controlled Media and their Executives who insured the American people did not see the truth; are now confronted by their actions with obstruction of justice and violations of the 1st amendment, guaranteeing Americans Truth in the Press and Freedom of the Press.

And the U.S. Congress?

Their role on the side lines, not challenging these lies, allowing the perpetrators to have their story supported by the Kean/Hamilton 9/11 Commission are now exposed.

They too are guilty of accessory to the Murders of 9/1/2001 and Guilty of Criminal violations of their oaths of office.

Uncle Sam Needs YOU !

This Tenth Anniversary of the Events of 9/11/2001 and the Murders of over 3,000 people,

MUST Be the LAST Anniversary of this Criminal 9/11 Fairy Tale.

'We The People We The Media'

Have Prepared Summary Information Available TO You Now At:


By Paul J. Landis, Author

"A Real 9/11 Commission Will Help Free America Now! ISBN: 097604-0824









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