Stop Bush Now: - Incompetence, and/or Negligence and/or Treason?

Americans have much to be concerned about: A "Republican Terrorist" Corporate controlled media and a Congress that has betrayed any sense of Constitutional obligation. Do they also need MoveOn.Org and: "Let Bush own September 11th …".

Tuckahoe, NY (PRWEB) February 16, 2005 - For over 400 days, Bush and his "Republican Terrorists" made sure there was no investigation of 9/11. Congress, completely failing their obligations to the U.S. Constitution and to their constituents, did not to demand and call for their own investigation. On Election Day 2004, Americans were treated to an election stolen with 30% of votes cast with Electronic Voting machines, and enough Kerry electronically changed to Bush votes, so that Bush "appeared" to win. With Americans dealing with a "Republican Terrorist" corporate controlled media, a congress that has betrayed any sense of constitutional obligation, more negative help from MoveOn.Org as "Let Bush own September 11th …" is not what "the doctor ordered."

In his book, Stop Bush Now (ISBN 0-9760408-0-8, $11.75, July 2004;, author Paul J. Landis warns about the risks of not taking Bush and his "Republican Terrorists" at their word and their deeds, and not taking the invitation to consider their Impeachment seriously. MoveOn, however, has been consistent in not recognizing the issues that were used to create the current and growing lock hold on all Americans, their constitution and their civil rights.

Before election 2000, call for President Clinton to be censured, not impeached. Pure baloney. The "impeachment" was a symptom, the issue was that Ken Starr, and the "vast right wing conspiracy" had over stepped their legal and political bounds. Over 99% of their claims in the "witch hunt" on President Clinton and actions compromising the Office of the President were proven false.

MoveOn in its reaction to the sympton, impeachment, ignored the cause, the organized conspiracy against President Clinton and our Constitution, and when they called for censure they failed their members and all Americans.

When the treachery of Election 2000 where enough illegally purged voters in Florida provided the option for the "Republican Terrorists" to induce the Supreme Court five to violate their oaths of office and do the bidding of Bush, MoveOn was silent.

Acting, as Kerry and Edwards did during their pathetic Election 2004 campaign, MoveOn had somewhere decided or simply failed to learn how to spell 9/11. That they advised to Kerry to concede this un-investigated tragedy borders on and may be considered treason. In their Internet memo they state: Dear MoveOn member May 17, 2004: "Let Bush own September 11th and the politics of fear. You should own September 12th -- the spirit of generosity and community that poured forth in the aftermath of the attacks -- and the politics of hope." ignored a wealth of "9/11 truth" research available by that date, May 17, 2004, research that suggested serious "Un-answered questions" about 9/11, questions MoveOn members were entitled to know about.

Many have wondered why our pathetic Congress did not demand an investigation of 9/11, at least two or three weeks after the event, given that the Bush administration refused to do so.
And given the stakes involved in knowing the truth about 9/11 - the USA Anti US Civil rights Act and the conflict in Afghanistan - there is a true tragedy here. MoveOn was silent.

Prior to our countries terrorist attack against IRAQ, MoveOn under took major efforts to mount protests against the declaration of War in IRAQ. Members wrote to their elected officials in Congress and had meetings in at their offices. In a normal democracy, these actions may have achieved their objective. This time, they did not.

The tune Congress was whistling to was "There are WMD and to war we must go", a tune written by the Bush administration.

With the tragic failures of Congress and their declaration of war - a terrorist attack by the U.S. - against IRAQ, MoveOn moved on. Unfortunately.

It appears that there were issues raised in Congress that would have obligated Bush to prove that the WMD existed and would have obligated him to obtain a true U.N. consensus. Many Senators, including Kerry and Clinton, rejected these possibilities. MoveOn and its members had the opportunity to apply true political pressure to explore these issues. They did not.

Then, MoveOn expended very worthwhile efforts to have an excellent documentary produced, "UNCOVERED: the whole truth about the IRAQ War" and they held numerous "house parties". Unfortunately, "UNCOVERED" proves "beyond a reasonable" doubt that the Bush administration LIED about their WMD claims. And what does do: they take the undeniable evidence that Bush, et al LIED, and call for their censure. Impeach MoveOn!

For what became the Election Tragedy of 2004, did MoveOn notify and/or warn its members that 30% of the votes to be cast in Election 2004 were to be done on Electronic Voting machines? Machines designed to ensure Bush received more votes than his opponent? There were enough reports of Kerry votes being electronically changed to Bush votes to have obligated Congress to reconsider the entire election. There were reports of some of these devices "calling home" during Election 2004 to give Bush and his strategists the opportunity to adjust their vote changing needs.

There were no pre-Election 2004 warnings and no outcry from MoveOn to protest the use of untested vote and democracy stealing Electronic Voting machines.

And, about "constitutions": does MoveOn believe the Constitution of Bush and his "Republican Terrorists" is the Constitution of the U.S.? It is not. The Constitution of Bush and his "Republican Terrorists" is the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Their constitution calls for "Empire, U.S." to take whatever resources they deem important from any country that may have them, IE IRAQ, with the military strength of the U.S. at their disposal.
Humility is not a MoveOn trait: "Liberal powerhouse MoveOn has a message for the "professional election losers" who run the Democratic Party: "We bought it, we own it, we're going to take it back." *** would be well served to look at its major failings as in ignoring 9/11, not questioning the failure of Congress to demand an investigation, possible treason in deciding for Congress that Bush did not lie about WMD and its part in the Election Tragedy of 2004.

Americans would be well advised to consider why, given how incompetent our elected officials in Congress have been, how we are confronted with Media failures every day at every turn, why we have to tolerate incompetence and or negligence and or possible treason from non-elected "internet people", left overs. The use of the Internet by private citizens is not an excuse for failing to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.

*** MoveOn to Democratic Party: 'We own it'
By Sam Hananel, Associated Press Writer, December 9, 2004

Paul J. Landis


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