Stop Bush Now: Sorry, George and Dick, No Inauguration, just Jail Cells

Tuckahoe, NY (PRWEB) January 19, 2005 - For over 400 days, Bush and his "Republican Terrorists" made sure there was no investigation of 9/11. After 400 days, they continued this situation with "Whitewash as a public service", the 9/11 Commission, (Harpers Magazine, October 2004). No more. The truth will set us free: Bush lied!

In his book, Stop Bush Now (ISBN 0-9760408-0-8, $10.95, July 2004;, author Paul J. Landis warned about the risks of not taking Bush and his "Republican Terrorists" at their word and their deeds. For 400 days our pathetic Congress watched Bush and his "Republican Terrorists" do their "let's not investigate 9/11 dance". The world and the American people stayed off the dance floor, Congress did not.

We know there were three Airline hijackings reported involving the Pentagon and the NYC World Trade Towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

On a History channel documentary, "the Pentagon and 9/11", we see that the Boeing 757 we have been told hit the Pentagon, disappears from the air traffic controllers screens about 30 minutes before it "supposedly" hit the pentagon. In the documentary "911 in Plane Site", we see an explosion at the pentagon, and a fireball. We then see, TWENTY MINUTES LATER, the outer wall of the pentagon collapse. George and Dick, Where is the Boeing 757? It is not at the Pentagon.

It is important to know that the scene described above of the Pentagon wall collapsing after 20 minutes was shown on MSNBC TV on Sept. 11, 2001.

In New York City area on the morning of September 11, 2001, Fox News viewers heard a very interesting LIVE dialog. Mark Burnback: " I am in Brooklyn, and I see it is not a commercial airplane, I did not see any windows on the side".

UGH OH? George, Dick, we now have more missing passengers, grieving friends and family members, and two more missing planes.

And, in another live September 11FOX News TV broadcast, we see and hear live, on the scene commentary by a NYC police officer telling us of bombs going off after the "planes" hit the two towers.

"911 in Plane Site" then shows us two NYC Firefighters who were two blocks from the Towers describe: "floor by floor, it started popping out"; "it was like there were demolition charges and they were planning to take down the two towers".

It is unfortunate Congress has waited until almost the last possible minute, but an inauguration on January 20 is out of the question.

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Paul J. Landis


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