There are major campaigns on-going across the U.S. to press our elected officials at all levels to “Totally Reject” the findings of the 9/11 Commission.

An example of the high level of anxiety regarding the 9/11 (no blame) Commission can be seen in an article in October Harpers magazine.

This article Whitewash As Public Service, How the 9/11 Commission report defrauds the nation by Benjamin DeMott states on pages 37 and 38:

“Numberless officials had appeared before the whole body of the Commission or before its aids, had been sworn in, and had thereafter provided circumstantial detail about their attempts – beginning with pre-election campaign briefings in September, through November 2000, and continuing straight through the subsequent months – to educate Bush as candidate, then as President Elect, then as commander in chief, about the threat from terrorists on our shores.”

“Nevertheless the chief executive, seated before the Commission, declared: Nobody Told Me.

The Presidents claim was untrue. It was a lie,…”

“Full Harpers October article”


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