About "A Real 9/11 Commission"

Author introduction:

"A Real 9/11 Commission Will Help Free America Now!"" was created to provide Evidence for those interested, including Evidence not considered by the Kean Hamilton 9/11 Commission.

Those interested are invited to participate in this "Real 9/11 Commission": after they have reviewed the Evidence they are able to "Render a Decision".


Issues discussed include "A New Iron Curtain Around the USA, A Media Iron Curtain";

Betrayal of the New York City First responders

Are "We the People" under attack? Substantial news is provided that we have been denied as Evidence of the criminal acts committed by Bush and Cheney and the criminal negligence of Congress to refuse their removal.

Also: The Illegal Iraq War and The use of a WMD by the U.S. Military

"A Real 9/11 Commission Will Help Free America Now!" ISBN: 097604-0824.

Available on Barnes and Noble.com and Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

A new web site to support the materials added to this book has been created at www.wethepeoplewethemedia.com.

Paul J. Landis, Author

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