Death By China, a Documentary

by Peter Navarro, Director with Martin Sheen

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Based Upon the Book:
Death by China: Confronting the Dragon –
A Global Call to Action Hardcover

by Peter W. Navarro (Author) , Greg Autry (Author)


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The book Death by China is a Pearson release that challenges the dominant paradigm of a "Chinese Miracle" – the one featuring a modernizing, progressive Chinese state heading toward political reform and driving global economic growth with its new found embrace of capitalism and freedom. 'Death by China', the book, provides all the details behind the Communist Party's: "Weapons of Jobs Destruction", aggressive military buildup, product quality nightmares, and human rights abuses. Order your copy today and enjoy the films with friends when it comes to your town.

"Like a modern day Paul Revere, this book offers the most urgent of warnings about how ... China is systematically destroying the American economy under the false banner of "free" trade – and in the process severely weakening our national defenses."


Ian Fletcher, Senior Economist, Coalition for a Prosperous America:

"The authors rightly and squarely point the finger at all of the Corporate Turncoats and China Apologists in America who are helping to make China's rise anything but peaceful."


**** A MUST see documentary.
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Death By China, a Documentary

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by Peter Navarro, Director with Martin Sheen

Based Upon the Book:

Death by China: Confronting the Dragon -

A Global Call to Action by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry

The summary and overview below was not created to discourage you from seeing this important documentary, but to help you share this vital information with friends and neighbors. Please, add your thoughts and reactions as you watch DeathbyChina. Uncle Sam

This film does not blame China.

It does not blame the Chinese People.

It blames the American government for opening up trade with a country like China.

Any intelligent American would know that it is not China that is de stroying America,

It is the American government allowing China to destroy
The manufacturing and jobs base within America.

Death By China, a Documentary

1:18 (These are locations within the Documentary)

In 2001, China Joined the World Trade Organization

And Immediately Began Flooding

American Markets With Illegally Subsidized Imports

57,000 American factories Have Disappeared

More Than 25 Million American Can't Find Decent Jobs

And We Now Owe More Than 3 Trillion Dollars

To The world's Largest Totalitarian Nation

China is a predator country, hostile to US

President Clinton promised a bright future for American workers,

MORE jobs and Equal Access to China's Markets.

He promised that China will play by fair rules and help bring

Democracy to China and the Chinese people.

He Lied ! U.S. citizens are struggling to find work and China Cheats at every opportunity.

WE Differentiate between the Chinese people and their repressive

Communist Government.

China's Weapons of Jobs Destruction

Richard McCormack, Publisher

Manufacturing & Technology News

For China to sell products at one tenth of what they would cost to manufacture here, they are cheating monumentally.

China Is NOT Playing by The Rules, And Our Government Is Not Doing Enough To Stop Them.

America and American workers Are Paying The Price.

When China joined WTO in 2001 it promised to stop cheating a play by fair trade rules:

Stopping currency manipulation

Illegal export subsidies

Stopping abusing its workers

Weapon of Jobs Destruction ONE: Polluting for Profit


Ian Fletcher, Senior Economist

Coalition For A Prosperous America

16 of 20 dirtiest cities in the World are in China

US corporations moving to china do not have to deal with the environment protections that exist in US

Being able to pollute is hugh cost advantage,

Ask any US manufacturer who is obligated NOT to pollute.

15:15 Manufacturers in China do not have to protect people or the environment

China's cancer villages reveal dark side of economic boom


25% of US West Coast pollutants are from China

Huge Dust Plumes From China Cause Changes in Climate

Weapon of Jobs Destruction TWO: Worker Abuses


Worker Abuses are used by China as a competitive weapon

There is NO OSHA, Medical Benefits or Social Security.

There are NO unions and no worker meetings allowed.


Prisoner Labor

Harry Wu, Founder

Laogai Research Foundation

19 Years as a Laogai Prisoner

Weapon of Jobs Destruction THREE: Currency Manipulation


Currency Manipulation

25 to 40% under pricing of their currency

This Reduces price of their produces is a Subsidy for china imports and a huge barrier for our imports

If we allow currencies to float, Chinese companies will go

bankrupt, Chinese officials.

Weapon of Jobs Destruction FOUR: Counterfeiting and Piracy


Cheating on US intellectual property

Chinese steal plans from US companies

GOOGLE: they stole source code

Beijing wants China companies to be the major company,

China company now bigger in search % then GOOGLE.


China will take over and eliminate companies

Weapon of Jobs Destruction 5: Illegal Export Subsidies


Because of the Chinese Government's Subsidies,

US companies are competing with Chinese Government.

An Un-fair competitor.

The Chinese Government is the worst human rights abuser on the planet today

China is building up its military at our expense


Los Angeles Times:

Jobless and Hopeless in America

Total Unemployment in America: 25 Million

China's WTO entry has been

A Losing and dangerous

Proposition for the US

Shoes, Computers, etc all made in China

Apple: 26,000 jobs in US, 700,000 in China

IT and white collar jobs moving to China

China NOT becoming more democratic

50,000 Chinese internet police

Organs on demand from Chinese prisoners

China is Building Up their Military At Our Expense


China is providing Pakistan, Iran and other countries military weapons

China: Largest military build-up since pre-WW II

Pentagon Sounds Alarm at China's Military Buildup


Richard Trumka, President AFL-CIO

Walmart: 90% of their stock is made in China with Significant consequences for All Americans




China does not prosecute companies for bad products.

US does not take the necessary steps to determine and punish these abuses.


FDA can only inspect 1% of fish from China:

65% of 1% is rejected

FDA cannot confiscate bad fish, it can be sent to other US ports


Currency manipulation by China is a big issue,

And the U.S. Government takes NO action.

We are over dependent as US manufactures diminish and at risk from dangerous Chinese products

We have very little to sell to China thus huge trade deficits

We have been hijacked by multinational corporations!


Multi Nationals knew there would be a one way street!


I could sell my goods at cost and the Chinese government would send me a check based on exports.

An Illegal Export Subsidy Prohibited by WTO Rules.

Small companies may be forced to comply, big companies like GE have choices.


Alan Tonelson, Research Fellow

US Business and Industry Council

The National Association of Manufacturing NOT working for Americans.

It Is the National Association of Manufacturing Things Someplace Else !

This Is Very Important:

An Issue To Demand That Our President and Congress Address;


The Ryan Murphy Currency Bill would have stopped China's Currency Manipulations

Large manufacturers did not support bill


In American Manufacturing Association:

Brian O'Shaughnessy:

Companies with operations in China should vote for what is best for US.

Many companies not US citizen run.

US Companies are getting profits, the US is losing wages

Executives know these short term actions, defeating the Ryan

Murphy Currency Bill, are bad for America but they do it anyway.


Corporations Now DO Not Act in Best Interest for Citizens, Only Shareholders

Corporations used to accept stakeholder, citizens, obligations.

They are now mostly Separated from this to just help shareholders with myopic view on profits.

Big companies like the illegal benefits that they get:

It IS No Accident That They Have Put Americans and
American Workers AT Significant Disadvantages.


China has no intention to turning over their economy to foreign markets

58: 22

Corporations are turning jobs and intellectual property over to China

Significant Airbus and Boening Technology now Made In China.

The US Government Does not keep Track of and monitor companies and industries gone.
They Have NOT voted NO to any purchases by China of US Companies!

Why American Manufacturing Matters


Richard Trumka, President AFL-CIO

We Can't be a world power if we can't make any thing but hot air:

Why American Manufacturing Matters ?

America needs to hold on to its research base and have Manufacturing near-by.


Only about 9% US workers in Mfg, we need at least 25%

One manufacturing job in a community supports half-dozen others jobs: shoe makes, food store, etc.

Manufactuning is 70% of R & D

Move Manufacturing and R & D effected

We are teaching China how to compete with US!

WE Are Losing, and They, China, do not care.

WE NEED to Respond !


Any Reforms MUST be On Our Terms


We are In a Trade War with China and We must fight!


The Cozy relationship of the White House, the US Congress

And Multinationals prevents actions.

When Americans come to understand what is really going on,
They Will Demand Action!

What Is Being Done by and for the Rich and Multinationals
Is NOT what is best for Americans.


We are a subsidiary of China and it is getting worse

It is our Governments Job to make sure that what corporations do makes sense for Americans

As America is in a Trade war with China, the Communist Chinese government is at war with the Chinese people.

The Communist Chinese Government Is Abusing workers, polluting cities, moving millions of Chinese farmers from the rural environment to work as slaves in big, polluted cities.

Communist China


Rep. Dana Rohrabacher


There is danger out there

We cannot treat a Communist dictatorship like we would treat a democratic country

They have treated us like fools and we have been fools

We Must Balance our Trade Import and Exports on Our Terms.

It is governments job to ensure that the playing field benefits
Americans first AND Multinationals.


Contact Your Elected Representatives

Tell Them To End Outsourcing and Demand Reverse Outsourcing: Bring Jobs Back To America.

Bring Factories Back To America


The Best Jobs Program Is:

To End Outsourcing and Demand Reverse Outsourcing: Bring Jobs Back To America.

Bring Factories Back To America

Tax Chinese Imports

Contact Your Elected Representatives

Tell Them:


NO !

Tell Them To End Outsourcing and Demand Reverse Outsourcing: Bring Jobs Back To America.

Bring Factories Back To America

Tax Chinese Imports


Empower the FDA To Confiscate Un-Safe Products


Make Those Products in America

And Safe For Consumers !

Take This Matter Into Your

Own Hands !

When You Shop, Check the Label

If it says "Made In China"

Think about your job,

Your safety

About China's rapid military build-up.

Think About How our Media Isnt Telling

US About This.

Think About How Angry You Are That Our Government, the President and the Congress Have Let Us be “Sold Out” To Communists And MultNational Gangsters!

Buy "Made in America" Only!

Tell Your Stores: If Not Made In America,

You Will Go Elsewhere !

The President, the U.S. Congress

and the Media:

Have Failed US:

Congress: Does Not Require Accurate reports of jobs outsourced or companies purcheased by other Countries.

They Must STOP and Reverse BOTH !


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