Death By China, a Documentary

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Death By China, a Documentary
by Peter Navarro, Director with Martin Sheen

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Based Upon the Book: Death by China: Confronting the Dragon – A Global Call to Action Hardcover

by Peter W. Navarro (Author) , Greg Autry (Author)
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The book Death by China is a Pearson release that challenges the dominant paradigm of a “Chinese Miracle” – the one featuring a modernizing, progressive Chinese state heading toward political reform and driving global economic growth with its new found embrace of capitalism and freedom. 'Death by China,' the book, provides all the details behind the Communist Party's: "Weapons of Jobs Destruction", aggressive military build up, product quality nightmares, and human rights abuses. Order your copy today and enjoy the films with friends when it comes to your town.

"Like" a modern day Paul Revere, this book offers the most urgent of warnings about how … China is systematically destroying the American economy under the false banner of "free" trade – and in the process severely weakening our national defenses."

Ian Fletcher, Senior Economist, Coalition for a Prosperous America:

"The authors rightly and squarely point the finger at all of the Corporate Turncoats and China Apologists in America who are helping to make China’s rise anything but peaceful."

**** A MUST see documentary.
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Death By China, a Documentary
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