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Obama calls for US military mobilization

Obama: “And I think it’s important for the president to say, this is an important obligation. If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some.” 

“ But in the course of his discussion with Woodruff and Stengel, McCain repeatedly connected the imperative of “national service” with the outbreak of international crises in which an American military role would be posed. “… he said the American people could “see a whole lot of things happening in the world that’s going to require us to serve.” “

Editor’s Note: Neither of these guys have bothered to remind us that the Iraq War is Illegal, that it is based upon Intentional Lies by Bush and Cheney !!

Obama calls for US military mobilization
Download/MS/Word Obama calls for US military mobilization

Draft?  Rep. Rangel (D-NY) YES !
Rep. Rangel: Provide fodder for more politicians' lies and wars!

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