Stop Bush Now: New Book Calls on Americans to Join Movement for Impeachment Before November

TUCKAHOE, N.Y., Aug. 23, 2004 - Should President Bush be impeached for crimes against the American public? In his new book, Stop Bush Now (ISBN 0-9760408-0-8, $9.95, July 2004;, author Paul J. Landis says yes - and tells Americans how to join the growing movement to impeach the president before the presidential election in November.

"Stop Bush Now takes the position that President Bush, Vice President Cheney and others have invited all Americans to consider impeachment by: purging voters in Florida prior to the 2000 election; failing to protect our country from, and impeding an investigation of, 9/11; and lying to Congress and the American people to justify an illegal war in Iraq," explained Landis. "Many people believe our problems will be solved when Sen. Kerry is elected president. There is, however, ample evidence suggesting that the current administration will do whatever it has to, up to and including shutting down the whole country and hindering the election process in November under the guise of a 'Red Alert,' to remain in power."

But how can the average person join the 400,000 citizens that have already signed one petition to impeach Bush? Read Stop Bush Now to begin with, says Landis. The book explains steps that have already been taken and also serves as a how-to guide, walking the reader through finding local groups working for impeachment, contacting representatives and senators, writing letters, and using the Internet for research and support. Sample letters are included, along with URLs of useful Web sites.

Stop Bush Now also outlines arguments for impeaching the president, including: the growing evidence that senior administration officials knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance but permitted them to occur to give the president carte blanche to carry out his agenda; Republican Katherine Harris's purging of 50,000 eligible Florida voters before the 2000 election; and the president's false statements about danger to the American people from Iraq's weapons of mass destruction-which resulted in the U.S. going to war and no WMD have been found, the deaths of 1,000 US soldiers, badly damaging America's international relationships and fueling terrorist groups' efforts against the U.S.

"Stop Bush Now suggests that we look at the last three years, from before the 2000 election to the present day, consider what has happened, and ask ourselves whether this administration can be trusted to protect or lead in the future," said Landis. "Is the administration capable of leading in a way that is consistent with the democratic principles of our country? If not, is there sufficient evidence to justify beginning impeachment hearings? If so, don't wait to see what happens in November. Get involved now."