There is No Evidence a 757 Hit the Pentagon!

Did Either Congress or the 9/11 Commission Look at the Pentagon Wall on or after September 11, 2001?

(PRWEB) April 21, 2005 -- Where is the 757 we were told hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001? In his new book, A Real 9/11 Commission, (ISBN 0-9760408-1-6, April 2005; US $12.75, UK, £ 8.7,, author Paul J. Landis shows the reader that a 757 did not and could not have hit the Pentagon. He also introduces "live" evidence of "planes with no windows" and demolition charges in the NYC Twin Towers.

Why were reports shown live on TV the morning of Sept. 11 ignored? These reports included "A plane with no windows" hitting the North tower. These reports also include statements by TV newspeople -- live on the morning of Sept. 11 - of bombs going off after the planes had struck. There are also statements by NYC firefighters of "demolition" charges causing the collapse of the towers.

"A Real 9/11 Commission" gives the reader the opportunity to review the charges and evidence and participate: to "render a decision". Evidence as the documentary "911 in Plane Site" is available for the reader and commission participant to view and consider.

Why Real? As described in "Whitewash as Public Service" -- by Benjamin DeMott, October 2004 Harper's magazine -- and seen upon review of the 9/11 Commission Report: "evidence" used by the 9/11 Commission consisted of a regurgitation of the information given by the Bush administration. No "real" evidence as the actual state of the Pentagon wall, the fact that the famous section collapsed twenty minutes after the "explosion", is considered. So also is the realization ignored that after a plane no longer has transponder contact, and all four planes ended up without transponder contact, their flight paths become matter of "speculation", not fact.

Landis states, "a major motivation for 'A Real 9/11 Commission' came from the "evidence" of "911 in Plane Site" and the footage shown on live TV the morning of September 11, 2001.
Another motivation was the failure of the 9/11 Commission to consider that the attacks were not possible without the interference of normal FAA/NORAD operations. Such interference was only possible from the highest levels of the Bush administration.

"A Real 9/11 Commission" and investigation was designed from the start to involve as many people as were willing to consider facts, evidence, charges and specifications and avail themselves of the opportunity to participate: "render a decision" either on-line or via a mail-in 'verdict".

Vital to this real 9/11 investigation is the tragedy of negligence and neglect of the US mainstream media. The NY Times and the Washington Post printed apologies for their WMD investigation failures. They have yet to be held accountable for those failures as well as their complete lack of journalistic enterprise to challenge the Bush administration 9/11 media fairy tale.

"A Real 9/11 Commission" includes these considerations as a need for a holistic view of these events and necessary for Americans to have the information needed to take actions for corrections.

A media fairy tale for Americans:
A big bad wolf named Osama bin Laden managed to outsmart the $50 billion United States National defense system and crashed four planes in the most protected air space in the world.
The Bush administration has yet to explain how bin Laden did this. They have also failed to assure us that he could not and will not do it again.

The documentary "911 in Plane Site" may be ordered at for US viewing and at for non-US compatible formats.


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