Sierra Club and Ground Zero

"Bush told the EPA to lie about post 9/11 Ground Zero Air Quality",

As of June 2006, this has resulted in at least two (know) deaths and at least 50 to 70,000 Responders infected with some of the 2,600 air pollutants!

An autopsy of a retired NYPD detective confirmed yesterday what his family and fellow cops long suspected - that James Zadroga's death was "directly related" to the Ground Zero cleanup.

"The Bush administration misled the public about the health hazards of the smoke and dust at Ground Zero, a new report says."

October 2, 2003
"The Sierra Club today launched efforts to hold the Bush Administration accountable for misleading the public about the safety of lower Manhattan following the attacks of September 11, 2001. With a new print ad, the Sierra Club is calling attention to an EPA Inspector General's report released in August which spelled out how press releases drafted by EPA about the air quality at Ground Zero were edited by the Bush White House's Council on Environmental Quality to downplay the health concerns for workers and residents."

April 30, 2004
" While friends of the Bush administration invoke the heroes of September 11, 2001 tonight, it is likely they will not discuss how President Bush mishandled the cleanup and misled the public about the safety of Ground Zero. Rescue and cleanup workers, area employees, volunteers, and residents were told the Ground Zero area was safe when administration experts knew the pollution was harmful."

"If our federal government had responded to the crisis of the terrorist attack with proper concern for people's health, many of the exposures that caused these illnesses could have been prevented. In August 2003, the Inspector General for the federal Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") released a disturbing165-page report documenting the fact that the White House Council on Environmental Quality blocked health risk information that EPA sought to release to the public following the September 11, 2001 attack."


Two must see ads the Sierra Club ran in Newspapers nationally:

"After 9/11, we believed the Bush administration when they said
it was safe to go home..."

911 Ad2 we believed (PDF): Adobe Acrobat reader required

"On 9/11, the Bush administration asked us for help, and they got it. Now we need help and there's nobody there for us."

911 ad asked for our help (PDF): Adobe Acrobat reader required


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