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March 24, 2009 Edition

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  An On-Going Illegal Iraq War Isn’t Bad Enough?

                                                                             See page 17                 

Depleted Uranium (DU): They Keep On Lying!!!


Bush’s Missing WMD Found And IS Being Used IN IRAQ: The Radioactive, Deadly, Depleted Uranium (DU)!

Over One Million U.S. Soldiers Exposed! See page 3


Deadly Effects OF DU Well Known! See page 5



C:\Paul2007-8Index\Indy Media\depleted.jpg


U.S. Military Failures to Warn Our Soldiers See page 7


The Italian Government Awards 30 Million Euros to indemnify the Italian Soldiers Exposed To Depleted Uranium!  See page 10


Child of U.S Soldier Pays Price For Father’s DU Exposure!          See page 11

Iraqi Babies Paying Terrible Price – Severe Birth Defects – From DU Use In Populated Areas! See page 12


Iraq Casualties Update: U.S. Troops’ Brain Injuries Could

    Reach 360,000 !           See page 16


DU Carried to U.S. and worldwide See page 4   

        How Negligent, the U.S. Congress?
                See page 18                                                                        


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Table Of Contents

Subject/Article                                                          Page #

Bush Missing Iraq WMD has Been Found in Iraq

and One Million U.S. Soldiers are its Victims             3

    Over One Million soldiers exposed:                         8                                  


Deadly Effects OF DU Well Known!

Ministry of Defense (MoD)  knew shells were

cancer risk                                                                      5


World Health Organization (WHO) ‘suppressed’

scientific study into depleted uranium cancer

fears in Iraq                                                                     6


U.S. Military Failures to Warn Our Soldiers                7


U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Hazards Video              7                 


CNN: Depleted Uranium Hazards                                 7    


Former Director of the U.S. Army's Depleted Uranium Project reveals toxic effects  of America 's Military Operations                                                                     8


African Dust Storms Bring Depleted Uranium to the Southern U.S.   and worldwide                                       5


€30m veterans’ DU compensation package approved

by Italian Cabinet                                                         10   


Iraq Vets Speak of DU Poison                                     11


Nothing depleted about 'depleted uranium'

Disturbing photos of Iraqi children                              12

Wartime troop brain injuries could reach 360,000       16

“The decision to go to war was based on false claims

 about Iraq ’s possession of weapons of mass

destruction”  AFSCME 2008 Convention

 Antiwar RESOLUTION NUMBER 85                        17


How Negligent, the U.S. Congress? 

Destroying a generation of our young people               18                     








Page 3

Bush Missing Iraq WMD has Been Found in Iraq and One Million U.S. Soldiers are its Victims

No Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that Bush told us were in Iraq were found. Today, to the tragedy of over one million U.S. soldiers and countless innocent Iraqi civilians, there is a Weapon of Mass Destruction in Iraq . That weapon is the deadly radioactive Depleted Uranium (DU) that is used by the U.S. military.

Tuckahoe, NY (PRWEB) October 29, 2008 – REVISED Author Paul J. Landis has completed an enhanced web site and the new "Tribune Gazette" to support updates and an updated title to his book "A Real 9/11 Commission," all of which provide dramatic evidence and information about the on-going tragic threat to over one million U.S. soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians: the radioactive Weapon of Mass Destruction - Depleted Uranium (DU).

www.wethepeoplewethemedia.com, .

In the book, web site and Tribune Gazette, Landis explains, the issue of Depleted Uranium use by our military is put in the context of the 'illegal' Iraq War. For example, In 2005 the ASMFE recognized the illegality of the Iraq war and called for a 'rapid return' of our troops. See note 1 below. As stated in the 2008 AFSME Resolution 85, Bush made "false claims" about the presence of Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD) being in Iraq. See note 2 below. This 2008 Res 85 re-affirms the concerns and that our troops be "brought home as soon and as safely as possible". As the illegal Iraq War continues, billions of dollars that could be used for U.S. infrastructure enhancements, education, housing and medical services for Americans are lost.

Also, Landis continues, the book, web site and "Tribune Gazette" develop a theme based upon the question: Is there a "New Iron Curtain Around the USA, A media Iron Curtain". As evidence of this "New Iron Curtain": How many Americans have been informed by our 'mainstream' media of 1) what is DU and what are the consequences of its use by the military, 2) informed about its use in Iraq and 3) informed that over one million U.S. soldiers and countless innocent Iraqi civilians, have been exposed to it and 4) one of the results of exposure to DU is the births of deformed babies, U.S. babies as well as Iraqi babies?

The pictures with this article graphically show that Depleted Uranium is a lethal, unconscionable, radioactive weapon and the extent to which it has and will continue to cause illnesses and the loss of life should be unacceptable.

Of the use of Depleted Uranium by our military, Dave Lindorff reports in his "Radioactive Wounds of War":

"U.S. forces first used DU in the 1991 Gulf War, when some 300 tons of depleted uranium--the waste product of nuclear power plants and weapons facilities--were used in tank shells and shells fired by A-10 jets. A lesser amount was deployed by U.S. and NATO forces during the Balkans conflict. But in the current wars in Afghanistan and, especially, Iraq , DU has become the weapon of choice, with more than 1,000 tons used in Afghanistan and more than 3,000 tons used in Iraq . And while DU was fired mostly in the desert during the Gulf War, in the current war in Iraq , most of DU munitions are exploding in populated urban areas." See note 3 below.

While most of us may not have the background to understand what the implications of 360 tons vs. 10 tons of DU is, we can grasp the clear message that 3000 tons of DU as reported above by Dave Lindorff and that the "DU munitions are exploding in populated urban areas" is a catastrophe.

HAVE DU WILL TRAVEL is the cover of the March 2006 edition of The Lone Star Iconoclast featuring a series of excellent articles about DU. See note 4 below.

In this edition in the interview of Leon Smith, Editor-in chief of The Lone Star Iconoclast, Schwartz states "They have exposed close to a million of our troops.". That was in March 2006.

In the same interview Schwartz tells us "They put 425,000 Americans in Desert Storm and over 300,000 of them are having medical disability issues." And "The Canadians told me, "Oh, for the record, the reason we didn't go to Iraq is we are already seeing some huge health issues on the Canadian troops that participated in Desert Storm, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. We're not going to be exposing our folks to this stuff anymore. We're against it." Now, they're coming to grips in their own country with some very real and very tragic health stories, and our government is sitting on it." See note 4 below, page 15

The implications of these numbers are numbing: there is huge potential of many Iraq War vets ill and dying and their wives vulnerable to becoming infected and to give birth to deformed offspring.

For the people of Iraq , living in areas of high DU concentrations, the effects are beyond tragic. Iraq babies are born so deformed that many are hardly recognizable as human babies.

See http://www.wethepeoplewethemedia.com/children.htm.

The article summaries below highlight evidence that populations outside of Iraq are not safe from the effects of DU. Landis tells us, the tile of Chapter 23 in my book is "Un-Knowing Participants in the Story of Depleted Uranium" to help bring attention to this issue.

The March 2006 edition of The Lone Star Iconoclast also includes this Interview with Dr. Ernest Sternglass By W. Leon Smith"

"The issue of greatest concern is that Americans at home as well as the people in the UK and in many parts of the world are unwilling participants in this tragedy.

"... Measurements by the Weapons Establishment in England show that these fine particles travel thousands of miles around the world and, Leuren Moret has pictures that NASA satellites took showing the sand storms going across the Atlantic and all over the world so we have totally underestimated the very serious nature of the use of uranium as weapons." See Note 3 below, page 7.

African Dust Storms Bring Depleted Uranium to the Southern U.S. by Richard Stenger CNN, June 18, 2001


Saharan dust storm in 2000, traveling east across the Atlantic out of North Africa .

Photo source NASA

"Dust storm plumes from northern Africa travel thousands of miles across the Atlantic transporting millions of tons of sand and dust with bacteria, viruses, pollen, pollution, and radioactive isotopes such as depleted uranium from the Middle East and Central Asia.1 The easterly trade winds carry the dust across the Atlantic in 5-7 days at about 10,000 feet.2 Almost all of it is rained out into the environment within two months, including the depleted uranium and other radioactive isotopes from the Sahara. In fact these atmospheric dusts are what make sunsets red. The seasonal African storms peak in July, contributing to a reddish haze across the U.S. Southeast. From June to October the Caribbean and Central America are targeted by the storms, but the Amazon Basin gets hit from February to April."



And for people in Europe, Did the use of Uranium weapons in Gulf War 2 result in contamination of Europe ? Evidence from the measurements of the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston, Berkshire , UK .


The harsh and unfortunate reality we must consider is that given the global movement of dust storms like these, no one, ultimately, anywhere in the world, is safe from the effects of Depleted Uranium.

Do these issues deserve and demand our considered attention?


Note 1

AFL-CIO Calls for Rapid Return of U.S. Troops July 27, 2005, 5:15 p.m. CDT

Chicago : In a major change of course, the AFL-CIO Convention delegates voted this afternoon in favor of a resolution calling for a "rapid" return of all U.S. troops from Iraq .



Note 2


American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, August 6th, 2008

http://www.uslaboragainstwar.org/article.php?id=16697    See also Page xx


Note 3

Radioactive Wounds of War

Tests on returning troops suggest serious health consequences of depleted uranium use in Iraq

By Dave Lindorff, August 25, 2005, http://www.inthesetimes.com/site/main/article/2298/


Note 4

THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST,  W. Leon Smith, editor-in-chief

Have DU Will Travel, Cove with featured DU articles   Wednesday, March 1, 2006, Vol. 7, No. 9

http://lonestaricon.com/2006/Online/09iconoclast.pdf   www.lonestaricon.com


Significant Depleted Uranium Articles:



See also the "We the People - We the Media Tribune Gazette"


Un-Knowing Participants in the Story of Depleted Uranium From Chapter Twenty-three, "A Real 9/11 Commission Will Help Free America Now!"

ISBN: 097604-0824

###      http://www.prweb.com/printer/1515254.htm


Risks of DU are well Known!

Ministry of Defense (MoD)  knew shells were cancer risk


Guardian/Special reports on DU :  MoD knew shells were cancer risk

Special report: depleted uranium        Richard Norton-Taylor   -Thursday January 11, 2001

Army doctors warned four years ago that exposure to depleted uranium,  which is used in US and British anti-tanks shells, increased the risk  of developing lung, lymph and brain cancer.

The warnings, in an internal MoD document, are in marked contrast  to persistent public assurances - repeated by the armed forces minister, John Spellar, to the Commons on Tuesday - playing down the risk from DU.

Its publicly stated view is that there is a potential but extremely small risk from soluble DU, a toxic chemical that could damage the kidneys. But an unpublished document by MoD medical experts, dated March 1997 and seen by the Guardian, paints a very different picture.

"Inhalation of insoluble uranium dioxide dust will lead to accumulation in the lungs with very slow clearance - if any," it says: "Although chemical toxicity is low, there may be localized radiation damage of the lung leading to cancer."

In a devastating passage under the heading "Risk assessment relating to Gulf war uranium exposure", it warns: "First and foremost, the risk of occupational exposure by inhalation must be reduced."

It goes on to say: "All personnel... should be aware that uranium  dust inhalation carries a long-term risk... [the dust] has been shown to increase the risks of developing lung, lymph and brain cancers."

Page 6

World Health Organization (WHO) ‘suppressed’ scientific study into depleted uranium cancer fears in Iraq Sunday Herald - 22 February 2004


Radiation experts warn in unpublished report that DU weapons used by Allies in Gulf war pose

 long-term health risk By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor     http://www.sundayherald.com/40096

An expert report warning that the long-term health of Iraq ’s civilian population would be endangered by British and US depleted uranium (DU) weapons has been kept secret.

The study by three leading radiation scientists cautioned that children and adults could contract cancer after breathing in dust containing DU, which is radioactive and chemically toxic. But it was blocked from publication by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which employed the main author, Dr Keith Baverstock, as a senior radiation advisor. He alleges that it was deliberately suppressed, though this is denied by WHO.

Baverstock also believes that if the study had been published when it was completed in 2001, there would have been more pressure on the US and UK to limit their use of DU weapons in last year’s war, and to clean up afterwards.

Hundreds of thousands of DU shells were fired by coalition tanks and planes during the conflict, and there has been no comprehensive decontamination. Experts from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) have so far not been allowed into Iraq to assess the pollution.

“Our study suggests that the widespread use of depleted uranium weapons in Iraq could pose a unique health hazard to the civilian population,” Baverstock told the Sunday Herald.

“There is increasing scientific evidence the radio activity and the chemical toxicity of DU could cause more damage to human cells than is assumed.”

Baverstock was the WHO’s top expert on radiation and health for 11 years until he retired in May last year. He now works with the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Kuopio in Finland , and was recently appointed to the UK government’s newly formed Committee on Radio active Waste Management.

While he was a member of staff, WHO refused to give him permission to publish the study, which was co-authored by Professor Carmel Mothersill from McMaster University in Canada and Dr Mike Thorne, a radiation consultant . Baverstock suspects that WHO was leaned on by a more powerful pro-nuclear UN body, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

“I believe our study was censored and suppressed by the WHO because they didn’t like its conclusions. Previous experience suggests that WHO officials were bowing to pressure from the IAEA, whose remit is to promote nuclear power,” he said. “That is more than unfortunate, as publishing the study would have helped forewarn the authorities of the risks of using DU weapons in Iraq .”

These allegations, however, are dismissed as “totally unfounded” by WHO. “The IAEA role was very minor,” said Dr Mike Repacholi, the WHO coordinator of radiation and environmental health in Geneva . “The article was not approved for publication because parts of it did not reflect accurately what a WHO-convened group of inter national experts considered the best science in the area of depleted uranium,” he added.

Baverstock’s study, which has now been passed to the Sunday Herald, pointed out that Iraq ’s arid climate meant that tiny particles of DU were likely to be blown around and inhaled by civilians for years to come. It warned that, when inside the body, their radiation and toxicity could trigger the growth of malignant tumours.

The study suggested that the low-level radiation from DU could harm cells adjacent to those that are directly irradiated, a phenomenon known as “the bystander effect”. This undermines the stability of the body’s genetic system, and is thought by many scientists to be linked to cancers and possibly other illnesses.

In addition, the DU in Iraq , like that used in the Balkan conflict, could turn out to be contaminated with plutonium and other radioactive waste . That would make it more radioactive and hence more dangerous, Baverstock argued.

“The radiation and the chemical toxicity of DU could also act together to create a ‘cocktail effect’ that further increases the risk of cancer. These are all worrying possibilities that urgently require more investigation,” he said.

Baverstock’s anxiety about the health effects of DU in Iraq is shared by Pekka Haavisto, the chairman of the UN Environment Programme’s Post-Conflict Assessment Unit in Geneva . “It is certainly a concern in Iraq , there is no doubt about that,” he said.

UNEP, which surveyed DU contamination in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2002, is keen to get into Iraq to monitor the situation as soon as possible. It has been told by the British government that about 1.9 tonnes of DU was fired from tanks around Basra , but has no information from US forces, which are bound to have used a lot more.

Haavisto’s greatest worry is when buildings hit by DU shells have been repaired and reoccupied without having been properly cleaned up. Photographic evidence suggests that this is exactly what has happened to the ministry of planning building in Baghdad .

He also highlighted evidence that DU from weapons had been collected and recycled as scrap in Iraq . “It could end up in a fork or a knife,” he warned.

“It is ridiculous to leave the material lying around and not to clear it up where adults are working and children are playing. If DU is not taken care of, instead of decreasing the risk you are increasing it. It is absolutely wrong.”

http://www.sundayherald.com/40096      Copyright © 2004 smg sunday newspapers ltd. no.176088

BBC showed Vincent Brooks Conducting a PRESS CONFERENCES DURING THE
in Doha (Katar) and by whom the subject DU is suppressed by the



U.S. Military Failures to Warn Our Soldiers


The U.S. Army, knowing the hazards of exposure to Depleted Uranium,

          Made a Training Film.

How many or our soldiers have seen it?


July 17, 2007: CNN and the Risks of  Depleted Uranium Use!

Dogpile.com  du hazard awareness

YouTube - Depleted Uranium Hazard Awareness - US Army Training Video

Depleted Uranium Hazard Awareness - US Army Training Video ... Depleted Uranium (DU) Radiation Awarness Training Video DOD ...


U.S. Military Training Movie. Depleted Uranium Real Video

Depleted Uranium Hazard Awareness ... and manuals about depleted uranium munitions. ... Prepared to Deal with Depleted Uranium Contamination. ...




GOOGLE  du hazard awareness

VIDEO: US Veterans and Depleted Uranium (DU)

The army’s leading expert on DU hazard awareness training concedes these are all possibilities, but U.S. troops going over to Iraq never saw this tape. ...
www.globalresearch.ca/PrintArticle.php?articleId=6353 –

This Global Research article shows transcript to CNN Program about DU Global Research, July 17, 2007





Page 8


Gulf war vets on disability, Exposed to DU: Over One million now!

From page 8, Dr. Rokke article below: “Sadly United States leaders did not learn and consequently a review of the same casualty data reveals that as of May 30, 2007 out of the 1,129,340 American military personnel who deployed to the Gulf only 963,083 remain alive while at least 407,911 individuals have applied for lifetime medical care. “

“As of May 2007”! That why current estimate of soldiers exposed to DU is over One million!


Former Director of the U.S. Army's Depleted Uranium Project reveals toxic effects of America's Military Operations

by Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD.

After more than 5 years of unprovoked and unjustified war in Iraq , Afghanistan , the Balkans, and Somalia the use of uranium weapons -- the perfect "dirty bomb" and consequent destruction of each nation's infrastructure, has released all kinds of toxic materials turning these nations into a toxic wastelands. Consequently the number of casualties continues to escalate while U.S. and British officials arrogantly refuse to comply with their own regulations, orders, and directives that require provide prompt and effective medical care to "all" exposed individuals and to clean up all environmental contamination .

While uranium weapons contamination remains and will remain a serious hazard and can't be cleaned up the hazardous materials that have been dispersed throughout these regions intensifies the adverse health and environmental effects.

The extent of adverse health and environmental effects of uranium weapons contamination is not limited to combat zones in the Balkans, Iraq , and Afghanistan but includes facilities and sites where uranium weapons were manufactured or tested including Vieques; Puerto Rico; Colonie , New York ; Concord , MA ; Jefferson Proving Grounds, Indiana; and Schofield Barracks, Hawaii .

I am amazed that seventeen years after was I asked to clean-up the initial uranium weapons mess from Gulf War 1 and that over twelve years since I finished the depleted uranium project that United States Department of Defense officials and others still attempt to justify uranium munitions use. How can the leaders of the United States and England claim to be acting to provide "freedom" to the citizens of nations we invaded, and now occupy, when their actions have caused millions of casualties and extensive environmental contamination? I am dismayed that Department of Defense and Department of Energy officials and their representatives continue personal attacks aimed to silence or discredit those of us who are demanding that medical care be provided to all casualties and that environmental remediation is completed.

A review of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Gulf War Veterans Information system 'GWVIS' May 2007 report reveals that out of 696,842 Americans who participated in Gulf War 1 as of May 30, 2007 only 620,266 are still alive and that at least 280,623 of those left alive have applied for lifetime medical care because exposures to battlefield toxins.

Sadly United States leaders did not learn and consequently a review of the same casualty data reveals that as of May 30, 2007 out of the 1,129,340 American military personnel who deployed to the Gulf only 963,083 remain alive while at least 407,911 individuals have applied for lifetime medical care.




According to casualty data published in the recent issues of a Army Times at least 29,395 Americans have been wounded in action (WIA) and at least 4000 have no been killed in action (KIA). Obviously the majority of all casualties are classified as "disease and non-battle injuries" (DNBI) and unrelated to actual combat actions but are related to the complex toxic exposures. While Army Times editors report that 89,360 Iraqis have been killed other estimates range from 600,00 to more than 1 million.

The number of Iraqi and other casualties who would be classified as disease and non battle injuries remains elusive but must be proportional to United States DNBI casualties. These numbers are staggering and can never be justified .

Verified medical problems include: Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Malignant Neoplasms, Benign Neoplasms, Diseases of Endocrine/Nutritional/ Metabolic Systems, Diseases of Blood and Blood Forming Organs, Mental Disorders, Diseases of Nervous System/ Sense Organs, Diseases of Circulatory System, Disease of Respiratory System, Disease of Digestive System, Diseases of Genitourinary System, Diseases of Skin, Diseases of Musculoskeletal System/Connective System, Symptoms, Signs and Ill Defined Conditions, and Injury/Poisonings.

Beyond these diagnosed medical problems we must look at what will happen in the future because of extensive air, water, soil, and food contamination. It is obvious that war with the use of today's weapons such as uranium weapons and consequent releases of complex toxic materials causing immediate and eternal adverse health and environmental effects can no longer be justified. Consequently, it is imperative the President of the United States ensures:

1. medical care for all casualties;

2. thorough environmental remediation;

3. immediate cessation of retaliation against all of us who demand compliance with medical care and environmental remediation requirements;

4. and United States military personnel cease the already illegal the use (UN finding) of depleted uranium munitions.

Dr. Doug Rokke was the U.S. Army's Depleted Uranium Project director from 1994 – 1995.





Page 10

€30m veterans’ DU compensation package approved by Italian Cabinet

Italian compensation package agreed after Ministry of Defense convinces government of link between ill health and DU exposure. Health survey of personnel who served overseas to be published in the next few months.

9 January 2009 - ICBUW

During a meeting of the Italian Cabinet on the 18th December 2008, the Italian Ministry of Defense, Ignazio La Russa, managed to win approval for a €30m compensation package for DU victims. The money will be paid out over the next three years.

In addition to the financial assistance for sick veterans, the decision acknowledges that some service personnel have become ill through exposure to uranium weapons. At a press conference following the Cabinet meeting, the Ministry said: “It's a duty for us to support the soldiers and their families, victims of depleted uranium and nano-particles.” This important statement was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

The decision marks the final step of a process begun by the previous Prodi government who appointed an investigative commission. The commission finished its work in March 2008 and while it didn’t name DU as a definitive cause of ill health among veterans, it did find that environmental pollution in war zones where DU had been used as a likely cause of illness.

The commission also stated that the burden of proof should be inverted, concluding that proof that the service personnel had been deployed in areas where DU had been used was sufficient evidence to support compensation when they later got ill or when heavy metal nano-particles were found in their bodies. This important move has been of great help to the families of soldiers who have died and to personnel ill with leukaemia who are suing the state administration.

One such compensation case was that of the widow of helicopter pilot Stefano Melone. In December, and after many years of fighting, the High Court finally agreed to a compensation package for his death.

However, in spite of the Cabinet’s decision, two major issues still remain, both concern the health assessment of Italian personnel who have returned to Italy after missions abroad.

Hundreds of officials have been involved in collecting and collating data on ill soldiers from each Italian military district and the results are overdue. The data has been collected in paper format and the thousands of often incomplete paper files are slowly being transferred into digital format. The original deadline for the survey was October 2008 and Defence Ministry staff are working hard to complete the survey. The results – the first complete screening of Italian personnel – are expected to be publicly announced in a few months. It is hoped that the results will give a clearer picture of the extent of ill health among Italian veterans.

In addition to the health assessment being published later than planned, veterans groups, including Osservatorio Militare and Anavafaf have complained that the data will be incomplete. The investigation only covers the decade between 1996 and 2006, this means it will exclude the years when Italian troop were deployed in Bosnia and Somalia - 1994 and 1995 respectively.

This year will be an important one for the Italian scientific committee nominated by the government at the end of 2007 and whose work has been delayed for a year. The committee includes nuclear energy expert Prof. Massimo Zucchetti, nano-particle researcher Maria Antonietta Gatti and the epidemiologist Valerio Gennaro.


International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons: The Problem / The Veterans




Page 11






Iraq Vets Speak of DU Poison



    Two Iraq War Veterans, G. Matthew and H. Reed, spoke on


      Wednesday, June 29, at the Martin Luther King Multi-Purpose Center , Spring Valley , NY                   


Army National Guard Spec.

Gerard Matthew with his baby

born with a deformed right hand.

In early September 2003, Army National Guard Spec. Gerard Darren Matthew was sent home from Iraq , stricken by a sudden illness.


One side of Matthew's face would swell up each morning. He had constant migraine headaches, blurred vision, blackouts and a burning sensation whenever he urinated.


Shortly after his return, his wife became pregnant. On June 29, 2004, she gave birth to a baby girl who was missing three fingers and most of her right hand.


They have seen photos of Iraqi babies born with deformities that are eerily similar.


Another guardsman from New York , Herbert Reed, told at the U.N. on May 3, 2005, that he has serious physical debilities and suffers memory loss.  No one in the military would give him a straight answer about the origin of the illnesses he suffered after returning from Iraq a couple of years ago - body aches, rashes, boils, joint aches and nerve damage.


Matthew believed that his illness and his daughter's deformity were caused by his exposure to depleted uranium (DU), a component used in tank armor and weapon shells.  He asked the Army to test his urine for DU, but never got the test results.  Finally Matthew and Reed sought help from the New York Daily News to arrange for independent urine testing for DU.  They both were tested positive for depleted uranium (DU).


DU is a radioactive, heavy metal denser than lead, which allows it to penetrate armor easily.  Additionally, when DU hits a tank's metal armor, the heat of the impact can melt the armor and generate clouds of DU dust which can be inhaled or ingested by soldiers or civilians.  The DU particles lodged inside bodies become a nightmare for health hazard.


The U.S. Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute has found that DU produced chromosome (genetic) damage and caused delayed reproductive death (J. Inorg. Biochem. 2002, 91: 246-52 and J. Environ. Radioact. 2003, 64: 247-59).  In 2002, the United Nations Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights declared that DU was a weapon of mass destruction, and its use a breach of international law.




Join our Peace Vigils to end the war!

Every Saturday, 1-3pm, at Rte. 59 & N. Middletown Rd. in Nanuet

                         For info: www.rocklandaction.org               6/25/05

Rockland Coalition for Peace & Justice



Page 12



Nothing depleted about 'depleted uranium' Disturbing photos of Iraqi children

                                    By Abel Bult-Ito  January 22, 2006  news-miner.com and uruknet.info








Iraqi and visiting doctors, and a number of news reports, have reported that birth defects and cancers in Iraqi children have increased five- to 10-fold since the 1991 Gulf War and continue to increase sharply, to over 30-fold in some areas in southern Iraq . Currently, more than 50 percent of Iraqi cancer patients are children under the age of 5, up from 13 percent. Children are especially vulnerable because they tend to play in areas that are heavily polluted by depleted uranium.

The Pentagon has been using radioactive weapons for at least a decade and a half with full complicity of at least three White House administrations and Republican and Democratic congressional legislators. Conservatively, at least 300 tons and 1,700 tons of depleted uranium were used in the Gulf War and the current Iraq War, respectively. This is about 70 grams of depleted uranium per Iraqi citizen, and if inhaled or ingested, it is enough to kill them all.

Is this not radioactive genocide, especially when our troops used and continue to use most of the depleted uranium munitions in densely populated areas such as Baghdad and Fallujah? Depleted uranium has a half-life of billions of years. Consequently, Iraq will be a wasteland forever and essentially uninhabitable for anyone.

After the 1991 Gulf War, about 1 in 4, or 150,000, U.S. veterans came down with what is referred to as "Gulf War Syndrome." Most of the ailments characteristic of Gulf War Syndrome are consistent with radiation or heavy-metal poisoning. Veterans' children are now also born with higher proportions of birth defects and other genetic disorders, according to sporadic accuonts. The Pentagon continues to deny the harmful effects of depleted uranium or its role in Gulf War Syndrome.

As described by a report of the World Health Organization Depleted Uranium Mission to Kosovo, uranium can be found in rocks and soil and contributes to natural background levels of radioactivity. Depleted uranium is a waste product of uranium enrichment for nuclear reactors and is about 60 percent as radioactive as naturally occurring uranium. Depleted uranium is considered weakly radioactive.

Nevertheless, depleted uranium is considered nuclear waste and has to be disposed of accordingly, which is expensive and a potential environmental hazard. The nuclear industry must be very pleased the U.S. military has found a way to get this stuff off their hands cheaply.

Depleted uranium is really a misnomer, because the potentially harmful effects are by no means depleted. Research reports have found that when depleted uranium is ingested or inhaled, it can cause cancers and birth defects. It has considerable heavy-metal toxicity.

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003    photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan








As stated in the WHO report, because of its high density, depleted uranium is used in armor-piercing ammunition and as reinforcement against conventional weapons. Upon impact, the depleted uranium fragments burn at intense heat, and 10 to 35 percent of it becomes aerosolized. This aerosolized uranium "dust" is the most harmful component because it can easily be ingested or inhaled.

Wind and people walking through it also easily disperse the depleted uranium dust. This dust is a predominant byproduct of military use of depleted uranium, in contrast to, for example, exposures in uranium mines or nuclear reactors.

Our troops in Iraq will be severely affected by this radioactive war, not only because a lot more depleted uranium has been used and continues to be used, but also because they have been there a lot longer than during the Gulf War. Hundreds of thousands of our troops will come down with Gulf War Syndrome as a result of depleted uranium poisoning, and thousands will die from it. Thousands of their children will be born with genetic diseases, cancers and birth defects.
















The continued use of depleted uranium harms our own troops and innocent civilians exposed to our war machine, is un-American, and a crime against humanity. We need a worldwide ban on depleted uranium use.

You have probably noticed Fairbanks Daily News-Miner staff writer's reports as an "embedded journalist" with the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Mosul , Iraq . Her "feel-good" stories do not tell you the reality of what is happening in Iraq . Will she report on depleted uranium poisoning as a result of heavy U.S. bombing of Mosul ?

Sadly, she and those of the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, if they survive the war, will have a high chance of coming down with Gulf War Syndrome. How much support do you think they will then get from our government or their employers?

Abel Bult-Ito is an associate professor of biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and is a member of the Fairbanks Coalition for Peace and Justice.














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Wartime troop brain injuries could reach 360,000

By PAULINE JELINEK, Associated Press Writer Pauline Jelinek, Associated Press Writer Wed Mar 4, 2:57 pm ET

WASHINGTON – The number of U.S. troops who have suffered wartime brain injuries may be as high as 360,000 and could cast more attention on such injuries among civilians, Defense Department doctors said Wednesday.

The estimate of the number injured — the vast majority of them suffering concussions — represents 20 percent of the roughly 1.8 million men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan , where blast injuries are common from roadside bombs and other explosives, the doctors said.

The estimate came in a Pentagon news conference on activities planned this month to bring attention to brain injuries. The doctors said the number could be as low as 180,000, based on estimates that between 10 percent and 20 percent of troops might have received such injuries.

The previous high estimate offered publicly was 320,000 in a study released a year ago by the private Rand Corp. It was based on about 1.6 million who had done tours of duty in the wars from late 2001.

Though so-called "traumatic" brain injury can range from a mild form such as concussions to severe forms with penetrating head wounds, officials said the majority of injuries among troops are the mild form.

The overwhelming majority heal — and heal without treatment — but an estimated 45,000 to 90,000 troops have suffered more severe and lasting symptoms, said Brig. Gen. Loree Sutton, the head of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury.

The Army alone spent $242 million last year for staff, facilities and programs to serve troops with brain injuries, said Lt. Col. Lynne M. Lowe of the Army surgeon general's office.

Sutton said that, as in previous wars, the research and other work being done by the military will eventually benefit the civilian world. Whether the injuries occur while people ride bicycles, play football, skateboard or ski, "we know that this is an issue across the country," she said.

"In the past ... it was difficult to get this on the radar screen," said Dr. James Kelly, director of the National Intrepid Center for brain injuries and psychological health. "Brain injury was not recognized as a problem ... of any consequence and was, especially in the sports community, often dismissed or trivialized."

"I think that now you're seeing it being taken very seriously," Kelly said. "The wartime experience has been a big part of that."



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“The decision to go to war was based on false claims about Iraq ’s possession of weapons of mass destruction”


AFSCME 2008 Convention Antiwar RESOLUTION NUMBER 85
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees  August 6th, 2008





            The war in Iraq drags on.  Considered by many to be the biggest foreign policy blunder in U.S. history, the war has continued for 5 and one-half years.  Almost, 4,100 service members have been killed and over 30,000 have been wounded; and


            The war has cost over $520 billion.  It now costs $341.4 million per day.  Taxpayers will pay $135.4 billion for President Bush’s request for additional war spending in fiscal years 2008 and 2009.  This same amount of money would provide 39 million people with health care for a year or over 18 million additional places for children in Head Start.  As the number of home foreclosures grows, and food and fuel prices reach new records every day, this money is needed here at home; and


            The government has spent over $102 billion since 2003 on contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan alone.  The amount of fraud and waste is breathtaking.  A no-bid security contract with Blackwater was renewed as the company is being investigated by a grand jury and facing a possible inquiry by the Internal Revenue Service.  The Army has relied on a 22-year-old and his company, AEY, Inc., to supply Afghan forces.  Recently the Army awarded the company a $300 million contract for munitions.  When it was reported that the company shipped 40-year-old, decomposing, Chinese ammunition to Afghan troops, the contract was suspended.  Soldiers at Army bases in Iraq have received severe electrical shocks and at least ten have been electrocuted due to faulty electrical work by contractors; and


            AFSCME and the AFL-CIO have adopted statements calling for our troops to be brought home as soon and as safely as possible.  The decision to go to war was based on false claims about Iraq ’s possession of weapons of mass destruction and their imminent threat to the United States , and Iraq ’s links to Al-Qaeda.  An open-ended U.S. military presence in Iraq offers no assurance of improving the security of the United States .  The military invasion and continued occupation of Iraq has actually increased the level of international terrorism and made the U.S. and the world less, not more, safe and secure; and


            Opposition to the war in no way implies criticism of the men and women fighting in Iraq .  AFSCME honors our men and women in uniform, and recognizes the heroism of their sacrifices.  They are our husbands and wives, our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors and friends; and


            Given all we ask of our soldiers, it is a national disgrace and an outrage that they cannot get decent medical care and financial support when they return from war.  The Veterans’ Administration was already overburdened and under-funded before the first troops went to Iraq ; it’s much worse now.  The military health care system has been overwhelmed by returning soldiers.  Veterans around the country face challenges in obtaining appropriate medical care because of staffing shortages and funding shortfalls.  One in five service members who have returned from Iraq or Afghanistan report symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression.  The Veterans Administration takes more than 180 days to process a veteran’s claim for benefits.  Anyone who appeals a decision has to wait 4 and one-half years for a decision.  An average of 18 veterans commit suicide every day nationwide; and



            The country owes troops who sacrifice abroad a good education when they return home.  Enactment of the new GI Bill had to overcome opposition in Congress and veto threats from President Bush because it would “cost too much.”


            That AFSCME expresses its profound gratitude and admiration for the men and women in uniform.  A timetable for the quickest possible withdrawal of U.S. troops, consistent with their safety, should be adopted; and


            That AFSCME urges the Bush administration to stop cutting veterans’ benefits.  We support efforts to provide veterans the health care and mental health services they need.  We also applaud passage of the new GI Bill to provide veterans with the educational opportunities they deserve; and


            That AFSCME and its affiliates will work with, participate in and support USLAW in pursuit of these goals and in solidarity activities with Iraqi unions.



(amended in committee and by action on the floor of the convention)




How Negligent, the U.S. Congress? 


Over One Million of a generation of young men and women, exposed to a deadly radioactive Weapon of Mass Destruction the U.S. is using. Life threatening illness, full disability and wives exposed to births of deformed children.


Our Army knew that warnings were needed and failed to insure that our soldiers were informed.


Do the Iraqi citizens deserve the tragic birth and health issues they are exposed to?


The Italian Government has recognized the hazards and effects of Depleted Uranium on their soldiers and have funded monies to assist in diagnosis and treatment.


We can answer all questions about Depleted Uranium exposures by testing every U.S. Soldier who served in the Gulf War and the Iraq War.


Is there a ‘valid’ test?


Yes; Using urine samples and a process involving a “Mass spectrometer”,

A valid diagnosis of any DU exposure can be made.


Isn’t it time U.S. citizens demanded the end to the genocide?


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