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September 9,  2009 Edition


The Events of the Morning of September 11, 2001

Were Not Tragic Enough?

Bush Told the EPA to Lie about NYC Ground Zero air quality!

Dozens of NYC First Responder deaths and Over 70,000 Seriously Ill !!

Sierra Club President, Carl Pope’s Field Notes:
                                  Why Would They Lie About This? August 24, 2004

"The Bush administration misled the public about the health hazards of the smoke and dust at Ground Zero, a new report says.
"The Sierra Club report blames the thousands of cases of long-term respiratory illness among New Yorkers on the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for downplaying the health risks and shirking their regulatory oversight roles.
See page 2 (Note 1)


Deaths of NYC Ground Zero exposed First Responders

An autopsy of a retired NYPD detective confirmed yesterday what his family and fellow cops long suspected - that James Zadroga's death was "directly related" to the Ground Zero cleanup.
See page 2 (Note 1)


NYC World Trade Center Towers: Demolition Vs Collapse

Over 70,000 courageous NYC Ground Zero First Responders are now identified as suffering from Ground Zero air quality related illnesses.
It has been reported that over 2,600 contaminates were found in the air.

Could the “Collapse” of the buildings have pulverized computers, lights, servers, etc. and created so many air borne particles?   Or, were the NYC Twin Towers “Demolished” by massive explosives?
See Photos pages 5 and 6 (Note 1)

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