9/11: Their Motive for 9/11

Motive for ‘A New Pearl Harbor’ aka the Events of 9/11/2001

Is the call for a New Pearl Harbor in the doctrine of the Project for the New
American Century, so conveniently realized in the attacks of September 11,
2001, so obvious that we discount it?

Has the lack of media and public view of this doctrine facilitated a mental
lapse of motive in PNAC to initiate the events of ‘a New Pearl harbor’,
September 11, 2001?

Is it an accident that Rumsfeld., Cheney. and Wolfowitz are also PNAC
signers? We urge you to carefully consider the articles about PNAC, the
habits of the group they represent, and decide if any group in the world had
a greater motive.

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