US Economy Lies and Deceptions

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U.S. Economy: Lies and Deceptions

The U.S. unemployment rate is about 6.1% we are told. So our Economy is OK?

If only 6.1% was a true statement on our employment.

What needs to be added to the 6.1%, U3, is 12%, U6, which is the measure of U.S. unemployed and no longer looking for employment. See U3 and U6
Real U.S. unemployment rate: at least 18%

The U6 rate has been un-reported by the mainstream media since 1999.
See note one: Real unemployment – Roberts

Having such high actual unemployment rates is having consequences as to the number of Americans experiencing conditions of poverty.
The US poverty rate is 17% or 25 million Americans. See note two: Poverty in the U.S.A.
Knowing that high levels of unemployment are contributors to high Poverty levels, why are our real unemployment rates so high?
If we look at Outsourcing statistics, we see that over 24 Million U.S. jobs have been outsourced.
That is 10 plus million reported by the AFL/CIO on their website and the remainder from Information Technology (IT) and call center and service jobs.
See note three: Outsourcing

U.S. Economy:
Lies and Deceptions
Real Unemployment: 20%
Poverty in the USA: 17% or 25 Million Americans
24 Million Outsourced U.S. Jobs
57000 U.S. Factories Gone
"DeathbyChina" China Abusing USA via WTO

Further adding to US economy woes are the tragedy of over 57,000 U.S. factories sold and having left the U.S. for other countries, primarily Communist China.

“Only about 9% of US workers are doing Manufacturing work. We need to return to those not that distant times when 25% of Americans were working in Manufacturing.

The importance of this is being felt every day across America. Especially in communities that have seen the factories leave and manufacturing jobs disappear with them

One manufacturing job in a community supports half-dozen others jobs: shoe makers, food stores, etc.” See note four.

Knowing the how’s and whys our government has allowed this situation of outsourcing and factory lose to develop is vital to understanding what needs to be done to fix it.

“In 2001, China Joined the World Trade Organization and immediately began flooding American Markets with illegally subsidized imports.

When China joined WTO in 2001 it promised to stop cheating and play by fair trade rules:

Stopping currency manipulation, ending illegal export subsidies and to stop abusing its workers

President Clinton promised a bright future for American workers, MORE jobs and Equal Access to China's Markets. He promised that China will play by fair rules and help bring Democracy to China and the Chinese people.

What President Clinton promised has not happened.

Communist China Is not playing by the rules, and our government is not doing enough to stop them. The Chinese people suffer from unsafe and low wage jobs and pollution. 16 of 20 dirtiest cities in the World are in China.

Being able to pollute is huge cost advantage. Ask any U.S. manufacturer who is obligated NOT to pollute. U.S. corporations moving to china do not have to deal with the environment protections that exist in the U.S.“ See note four

America and American workers are paying the price for our government’s failure to enforce rules that the Chinese Government agree to. This includes over 24 Million jobs outsourced and 57,000 factories gone and significant subsidized products being sent to the U.S.

As Americans are first hand witnesses to the lack of honesty by our government regarding trade with Communist China, and have been living with the consequences of “Death By China”, we have the facts that we need to demand policy change and laws implemented to support the growth of our economy. This needs to include Outsourced jobs being Un-outsourced returned to the U.S. Also, Congress must create a tabulation of all 57.000 factories lost and begin actions to return 57,000 factories to America.


Clearly, an import duty of at least 15% on all Chinese imports is overdue


If this learning about this information is a surprise, having Americans hold Congress and the mainstream media accountable for not reporting what is vital for the Americans and the American Economy is needed.


Note one: OpEdNews Op Eds 7/7/2014
Virtual Economy's Phantom Job Gains Are Based on Statistical Fraud
By Paul Craig Roberts


Note two:
Record 1 in 6 Americans living in poverty: New census says the number of poor people in the U.S. is 3 million higher than the official count!
By Ap Reporter Published: 6 November 2013
The number of poor people in America is 3 million higher than the official count, encompassing 1 in 6 residents due to out-of-pocket medical costs and work-related expenses, according to a revised census measure released Wednesday.
Based on the revised formula, the number of poor people in 2012 was 49.7 million, or 16 percent. That exceeds the record 46.5 million, or 15 percent, that was officially reported in September.


U.S. poverty rises despite economic recovery
WASHINGTON (Reuters) Tue Sep 17, 2013 - The number of U.S. residents living in poverty edged up to 46.5 million last year, the latest sign that an economic recovery marked by a stock market boom has not trickled down to ordinary Americans.


Note three:
The Offshore Outsourcing of American Jobs: A Greater Threat Than Terrorism
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, July 13, 2014
Creators Syndicate and Global Research 18 April 2010


Note four: The China entry to the WTO and its consequences are well presented in the documentary “Death By China” by Peter Navarro,
Available on Netflex


Information about real unemployment, Outsourcing and factory loses are available at on the home page.


An overview of “DeathbyChina” is available at


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