The Why Not! NY Times?
Jobs and OutSourcing

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What's wrong, America? Why have real jobs been disappearing?

Outsourcing American Jobs: Outsourcing the Life Blood of Americans.

Over 24 Million jobs Outsourced in the last twenty years and over 50,000 U.S. Companies have been bought and moved to China - Communist China - and other countries!

These actions have crippled the U.S. Economy:
Especially when we see the Real Unemployment Rates.

We see reported by the mainstream media the Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, Monthly Reports of U.S. current unemployment at 7.3%, U3 on BLS Table A-15.

This however, is less than half of the true unemployment situation.

What is not reported by this same mainstream media is the BLS Table A-15, U6, U.S. current marginalized unemployment, at 13.7%.

Our Total Real Unemployment Rate, that every American lives with every day, is 7.3%, U3, plus 13.7%, U6 or 21%.

Why ‘NY Times’ have you chosen to keep Americans from their Constitution rights to have this information?

As Americans are provided with this information, What can we do?

Americans Can Demand That We End Outsourcing and Start UN-Outsourcing:

Bring millions of Jobs back and Bring Back Thousands of Companies to the U.S.

We need to demand that the President and the U.S. Congress immediately stop all Outsourcing and that no companies can be purchased by another country without Citizens’ approval.

We need to demand that the President and the U.S. Congress understand that we consider the economic effects of Outsourcing and Companies being purchased has and will continue to cripple our economy.

We must therefore demand the President and the U.S. Congress immediately
1) call for UN-Outsourcing: bring back millions of jobs and
2) act to return thousands of these companies to the U.S.A.

Americans can take direct action to pressure companies and jobs back: Buy Made in the U.S.A. only!

When you go to a store to purchase a Toaster-Oven, if there are no Made in America Toaster-Ovens, tell the store owner American-Made or you make no purchase(s).

Americans can also take direct action by committing to have this information provided to their unions, local community government and distributed as widely as possible.

Have your union join the AFL/CIO with information campaigns to their members. Make a commitment: ‘NO ACTION’ is unacceptable from the President and your U.S. Congressional representatives.

The Why Not! NY Times? Jobs and Outsourcing
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